About your Chamber


IV_River_8_1The Illinois Valley is a safe, caring and secure community that advocates pride, involvement, respect and tolerance for all of its citizens. We live and work together in a valley surrounded by natural beauty and a variety of resources. We value and maintain this abundance for use and enjoyment now and for future generations. We have an educational structure that maximizes the talents and abilities of each person; creative and recreational programs for all ages; a healthcare system that fulfills the needs of the community’s residents and is a model in rural areas; and a diversified marketplace that invites citizens to support the local economy.


Self-reliance is encouraged and supported, and we have potential job opportunities for any community member who wants to work. Our workforce is highly motivated, creative, and skilled in every profession and occupation. Our growth and development are intentional and consistent with our goals.

The Illinois Valley is an attractive and vital place to live, work, play, raise a family and retire.