From the President


Esteemed Business Owners,


My name is Sonny Moore, president of the Illinois Valley Chamber of Commerce. I have been asked the question; “What does my membership with the Chamber do for my business?”

Please allow me to share the answer to that question.

First the Chamber is here to strengthen the identity and enhance the image of the Illinois Valley businesses and our community.

We are dedicated in helping you grow and prosper by serving as a unified voice and providing services to you our members. We will explore all avenues to promote your business. This is why we have launched our “Buy in the Valley” campaign, to encourage commerce, to promote and inform our citizens of the diversity of products grown and made right here. We want to celebrate our natural resources that are rich and unique to our valley, from the Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve to the vast wildernesses within our Rogue River Siskiyou National Forest that draws hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. To utilize all our resources in promoting and encouraging our visitors to stay and spend their money here in the Illinois Valley.

Finally, we are all too aware of the bad element which has crawled out of the cesspool in the attempt to vandalize and trash our businesses in the community, this must stop! We as the Illinois Valley Chamber of Commerce are committed to all efforts in support of cleaning up our valley community and to make it a safer place for our business owners, employees, visitors and citizens. To bring back a sense of pride that resides in the hearts of all those who love this valley. As one unified voice we can achieve these goals.

Our membership dues are tailored for your business. Let me encourage you and say, “Every dollar you invest in your Chamber will be an investment into your business.” It has been said, “We may not have it all together but together we have it all.” Join with us, let us build together a thriving, successful and vibrant business community, let us serve and grow your business and this community will be a shining star on the map for all to experience.


Warmest Regards,

Sonny Moore, President Illinois Valley Chamber of Commerce

2 Responses to From the President

  1. Hello
    We are planning to visit in the Cave Junction, OR area in May. Do you know of a wine tour company in the area or company that could act as a tour driver? Thanks

    • The Sonman says:

      Joel, Good question! I spoke with several vineyards here in the Illinois Valley and unfortunately the valley does not offer these services. I do know that our neighboring valleys do. Like Applegate, Jacksonville and the Rogue Valley. I will continue to look into this however you might contact the Chambers in those areas and see what they offer. We hope you still come out to this beautiful valley and spend some quality time here.


      Sonny Moore, Ilinois Valley Chamber President

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